Innovative Wind Generator

innovative wind generator (5kW) with unique features
The project aims to build and manufacture an innovative wind generator (5kW) with unique features such as noise-free operation, high efficiency (approx. 98%) under low, medium, and high wind velocities, cost-effective, and totally sustainable and recyclable. Next, the entire tree building based on recycled materials (approx. 90%) will be prototype which provides eight branches to hold the solar panels.
The study has presented that a careful power prediction is possible when the tree is simulated based on the recent year's climatic data (e.g. clouds, irradiation, wind, etc). For example, the shading analysis has presented that the demand power will be delivered in Barcelona city. The funding also covers the power electronics, and control system of the project.

The total stored electricity will be consumed by the machines on the ground level such as:

1) Two ATMs
2) Electronics charging locks, like smartphones, laptops, etc
3) Refreshments machines
4) LED displays for publicity purposes
5) Post-card machine
6) WiFi access within 1km radius from the location of the tree (with regular and super-fast internet speeds)