This beautiful house at 378 Winston Rd has been equipped with the best quality smart devices by E Plus Smart. 

It has an alarm system with indoor/outdoor security cameras, smoked detector, flood sensors, and door/windows contact sensors. All the lights keypads are smart and can be controlled by pushing a single predefined scene (like welcome, goodbye, dine, relax or good night) or through iPad. 

Music can be played in multiple rooms through the speakers: master bedroom, master en suite, kitchen, dining room, living room, office, patio, gym and rec room. Also, we installed a sound system for its theater room. 

We made it possible to have a strong WiFi signal around the house with 3 access points.  

With installing a smart doorbell, homeowner will get a notification on their smartphone when the doorbell button is pressed. They can see their visitors, talk to them and open the door – from anywhere in the world – via smartphone and iPad. 

The shade wiring is done so it is ready for installing automated shades that can be controlled through smart devices (iPad, smartphone or keypad).