Thermal Fever Screening

Solution Overview

Contact Free

Just scan face and go ,no need to lineup for manual screening , it helps avoid people been exposed to virus

Crowd Detection

multiple targeting and tracking

Fast Pass

Long measuring distance and wide coverage of thermal camera Simultaneous multi-person detection


High accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3° (with calibration body)

Abnormality Alarm

Operator can receive alarm notification timely when camera detects human with abnormal body temperature

Labor Saving

Thermal camera can replace manual testing, save much on labor cost and testing time

Thermal checking

Body Temperature Measurement & Access Control​

  • Temperature accuracy ±0.3º (with blackbody)
  • Mask detection and face recognition
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Multiple clients login
  •  Visual abnormal alert
  • Safe and effective
  • Statistical report and export

System Highlights

Non-contact Crowd Screening

Remote fever screening for moving crowds by camera enables quick access and eliminates crowd gathering, which helps reduce virus infection risks.

Abnormal Temperature Alarm

When a person with abnormal temperature is detected, it will emit a buzzer alert and the face recognition frame will be immediately displayed in red accordingly for quick identification.

Auto Face Snapshot

When detecting an abnormal body temperature person, system captures his/her photo for later tracking and analysis.

Clear-cut Statistics

Automatically count the number of screened people and people with abnormal body temperature.

AI Face Detection & Lock

Only faces are tracked for temperature measurement, intelligently shield hightemperature sources other than faces in scenes and reduce false alarm.

Intelligent Self Calibration

System can collect face temperature in different scenarios for self learning. Adjust the body temperature alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes.